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DuraKast Metal


Shipping Time Ships in 7-10 business days
Door DuraKast Outdoor
Door Style Frameless
Overlay Full
Door Material Solid Exterior Grade Compact High Pressure Laminates
Door Hinges Stainless Steel Hinge Self Closing
Box Aluminum
Finish/Color 5/8” Aluminum
Base Cabinet Depth 28”
Side, Top & Bottom Panels 5/8” Aluminum
Back Panel 1/8” PVC
Shelves 5/8” Aluminum
Assembly Stainless Steel Screws
Toe Kick Aluminum
Base Legs Metal Adjustable

DuraKast Metal

DuraKast is a versatile and sturdy product that offers many advantages for indoor and outdoor use. Dual sided pattern technology offers reversible color options for doors and counter-tops. Available in a variety of colors and finishes.


     Silver Brushed Aluminum                          White Metal